Take Your Friends on a Shopping Trip Online


Once the domain of lonely late-night shoppers, the Internet is on its way to experience a phenomenon that will change the way shoppers shop online forever: Shop N Chill(TM)
(http://www.shopnchill.com) is out to make online shopping a fun experience, and they want you to do it with your family and friends. Shop N Chill(TM) is a social shopping platform that lets you go on a real-time Shopping Trip(TM) with your friends, even with those on Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster. Friends can view and interact with the same product simultaneously and when they are ready to check out, they can split the bill using Shop N Chill(TM)'s Split-Bill(TM) technology. Shoppers can even visit virtual 3D stores, and view products in 3D.

"Shop N Chill(TM) is the only platform out there that provides a complete package of features that lets you experience social shopping at its best," Sami Siddique, Co-Founder, Shop N Chill(TM), speaks of the website's unique features. "You always want a second opinion," reflects Siddique about people's shopping habits, but with Shop N Chill(TM), he boasts, "you don't just get a second opinion, you get a third, a fourth or a fifth".

By combining vendor-specific measurements, Shop N Chill(TM)'s SizeMeUp(TM) technology allows shoppers to find out the exact size in apparel that fits their body. For anyone in need of extra advice, expert style consultants can offer advice to shoppers. For retailers, Shop N Chill(TM) promises to be an effective way of reaching out products to a large number of Internet shoppers. By marketing or selling on Shop N Chill(TM), retailers can take advantage of features like the StoreFeeds(TM) technology, which serves as the information medium to advertise
and reach out to end-users on Shop N Chill(TM). Shop N Chill(TM) also offers retailers an excellent branding strategy. "Unlike other online stores and platforms, retailers get their own space which they can customize on Shop N Chill(TM), just as you would in a real mall to maintain your brand's identity," adds Siddique.

Shop N Chill(TM)'s social shopping platform combines innovative, patent-pending technologies, and promises to be the destination on the web where shoppers can connect with each other and with stores like never before.

About Shop N Chill(TM)
Shop N Chill(TM) is an innovative marketing and sales channel that provides a feature-rich social shopping platform. This unique service offers shoppers an engaging shopping experience, and gives retailers and their products unprecedented exposure. Shop N Chill is a privately held company with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto.


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