About Shop N Chill

Shop N Chill™ is a company that is out to change the way consumers shop online, in particular for apparel. By leveraging breakthrough technologies, Shop N Chill™ enables collaborative shopping allowing consumers to go on virtual shopping trips with friends and get real-time style and fashion advice. When consumers shop at Shop N Chill™, they are not simply purchasing items, but are able to enjoy the experience of shopping for clothes in a manner similar to the experience at a shopping mall, while being able to make informed decisions on the items they want to buy with the features available to assist the shopper on Shop N Chill™.

On Shop N Chill™, consumers are able to engage in interactive activities designed to make the apparel shopping experience pleasurable and satisfactory. Consumers can add purchased items to a virtual wardrobe, interact with products and sales personnel online, and that’s just the beginning! Shop N Chill’s community features allow the consumer to invite friends on Shopping Trips™, receive input on items and split bills.

For retailers, Shop N Chill™ promises to be an effective way of reaching out products to a large number of Internet users, many of whom are choosing to shop online.  By advertising or selling on Shop N Chill™, retailers can take advantage of an online shopping facility for consumers where their shopping experiences are integrated with social networking components, with decision assist tools that provide fashion advice and apparel suggestions, StoreFeeds™ and financial tools for sharing the cost of purchases.