Groundbreaking Website Makes Online Fashion Shopping Less Lonely and More Sociable and Fun


Shop N Chill™, an online social shopping portal, is thrilled to announce a new paradigm shift in online shopping. Much like fashion shopping in the brick and mortar world, Shop N Chill™ allows you to have the unique experience of shopping with your friends while online – no matter where in the world you and your friends may be located.

“We wanted to bring back the joy of shopping with friends on the Internet,” says Sami Siddique, the President of Shop N Chill™. “Shopping on the Internet has so far been a lonely, boring experience with people interacting with machines alone. The entire social aspect, which is what makes shopping fun, has been completely absent.”

Further, for those of you who frequent social networking sites, you can also directly invite your friends on Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster to shop with you. You will then be able to see and interact with the same products as your friends – while interacting with your friends via IM chat or real-time voice chat.

“When you are ready to check out you can split the cost between friends using Shop N Chill’s™ Split-Bill™ technology,” adds Siddique.

Additionally, Siddique assures you that you that your clothes will fit you perfectly - without you ever having to enter a store’s change room - as the website’s “Size Me Up” technology helps you find clothes that fit. Further, if you need any fashion related advice, there are Virtual Consultants on hand to counsel you in real time. Of course, if you want to keep up to date with what is happening at your favorite stores – which include brands such as Laura Ashley, Espirit, Boden, Roots and more - all you have to do is subscribe to a store’s news feed.

“Customized store information such as featured items, sales, product details and availability information can be made accessible to shoppers via Shop N Chill’s StoreFeeds,” concurs Siddique.

However, although all of this new technology is amazing in itself, the company still plans to continue to develop additional technology that will benefit online shoppers.

“We see Shop N Chill™ continuing to create ground-breaking technologies that will only further enhance the functionality and convenience of the Internet,” predicts Siddique.

Without a doubt, Shop N Chill™ is truly an ambitious project that is redefining e-commerce and the online shopping experience as we speak.

Shop N Chill™ can be accessed at

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Shop N ChillTM is an innovative marketing and sales channel that provides a feature-rich collaborative shopping platform. This unique service offers shoppers an engaging shopping experience, and gives retailers and their products unprecedented exposure. Shop N Chill is a privately held company with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto.


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